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Note: The You Tube Data API (v2) has been officially deprecated as of March 4, 2014.Please refer to our deprecation policy for more information.

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If you would like to build yt from source, you will need to edit the install script and set .You must run this script in order to have yt properly recognized by your system.You can either add it to your login script, or you must execute it in each shell session prior to working with yt.You should be able to open it and edit it without any knowledge of bash syntax. You will get updates of its status at the command prompt throughout.If you receive errors during this process, the installer will provide you with a large amount of information to assist in debugging your problems. If the install script errors out with a message about being unable to import the python SSL bindings, this means that the Python built by the install script was unable to link against the Open SSL library.Because installation of all of the interlocking parts necessary to install yt itself can be time-consuming, yt provides an all-in-one installation script which downloads and builds a fully-isolated installation of Python that includes Num Py, Matplotlib, H5py, Mercurial, and yt.

The install script supports UNIX-like systems, including Linux, OS X, and most supercomputer and cluster environments.

We also recommend that you test your partial update implementation on our staging server before launching the feature to production.

To add, update or delete specific metadata fields for a resource, your application will send a PATCH request to the same URL that you would normally use to update the resource with a PUT request.

As a result, if you delete an access control but do not provide a new setting for it, the control will revert to its default setting.

See the Uploading Videos section for more information about default access control settings. (See the Authenticating Requests from Flash Applications section for more details.) Since all PATCH requests require authentication, to submit a PATCH request from a Flash application you would send an authenticated POST request and set the When you submit a partial feed update request, the API will return a 200 HTTP response code.

You can send a single PATCH request to add, replace and/or delete specific fields for a particular resource.