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Who is natalie maines dating

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“I was always able to separate business from personal-and my friends weren’t fellow country artists so I really didn’t care about that,” Maines said.

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“It was a real surprise to me that people thought I was something that I wasn’t. Now, Maines has gotten out of the country music industry and thrown herself into the rock side of music. She even said that there just may be another Dixie Chicks album. I had a meltdown shortly after that." During that crisis, she recalled: "I couldn't figure out how to get out of the situation I was in. I always judged people who had committed suicide, thinking, how non-spiritual. But then I found myself with a gun in my mouth." The big question now is what effect Wright's disclosure will have on her career.It could be disastrous: in 2003, the Dixie Chicks illustrated the perils faced by country stars who offend redneck sensibilities when they were banned from several radio networks after criticising George Bush.Though American pop culture has embraced generations of flamboyantly gay recording artists, from Liberace to Elton John, Wright is the first country star to have come out of the closet."Historically, country music would rather an artist be a drunk.She has previously sold almost a million albums in the US, and her biggest single – the now interestingly titled "Single White Female" – went double platinum.

The response from Nashville regarding her sexuality has been eerie silence so far – with one exception.

Natalie Maines is a member of the following lists: Dixie Chicks, Living people, American female singers, Columbia Records artists, Grammy Award winners, 1974 births, American country singers, Musicians from Texas, American country singer-songwriters and Sony BMG artists. Read more about Natalie Maines » Looking for another profile?

Dixie Chicks front woman Natalie Maines has chopped off her golden locks, released a rock album, and admitted she has a crush on Rachel Maddow.

Natalie Louise Maines Pasdar (born October 14, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter and activist who achieved success as the lead vocalist for the female alternative country band the Dixie Chicks.

Born in Lubbock, Texas, Maines considers herself a rebel who "loved not thinking in the way I knew the majority of people thought." Wikipedia From this profile you will find 64 photos, 11 quotes, 16 trivia items, 2 magazines, 48 lists, 5 albums, 79 songs, 1 award, 63 film credits, 45 news stories, 2 relationships, and key facts about Natalie Maines!

That dispute began shortly after the invasion of Iraq, when the group's lead singer, Natalie Maines, told an audience in London: "We do not want this war." Amid nationwide controversy, she was forced to apologise.