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Who is gina carano dating

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Now, ideally, I’d like to think that Henry doesn’t fully comprehend the situation he’s in.

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Since then, there has been very little talk of one of the most popular women to ever grace the cage making a comeback.And the world of mixed martial arts would obviously welcome her back with open arms.Before Rousey, Carano was the biggest star in women's MMA.Neither make him look good, but the sheer amount of leaked pictures regarding his new romance has to have raised his hackles.For example, Henry and Marisa are currently on a yacht vacation with several close friends, and a picture of Henry and Marisa on the yacht was leaked on Sunday night.Marisa Gonzalo is all of a sudden Henry Cavill’s girlfriend and photos of the new couple are mysteriously popping up in very mysterious ways! For those of you who don’t know, Henry Cavill recently split with his long-time MMA girlfriend, Gina Carano. Henry Cavill has decided to [directly or indirectly] mess with his fans by dating a 21-year-old animal killer who also seems to be famewhore named Marisa Gonzalo.

Being so focused on privacy, he must have rebounded with an equally lovely, private young woman, right? We initially received tip-offs about Marisa’s relationship with Henry when she went around posting pictures of them together, specifically from Thanksgiving Dinner.

However, the account that uploaded the photo was deleted in two hours, so either Henry’s team got a hold of it and told him to shut his new girlfriend down – or she did it so that he wouldn’t find out.

But with a limited number of people on the yacht and an intimate photo being leaked, who else would be involved in releasing the photo?

And now, she’s making sure that people still know they’re together, even if the public [and Henry’s fans] all detest her for it.

She’s clearly taunting Henry’s fans, who are all up in arms about why their idol is dating someone so wrong for him.

Plus, based on everything we’re hearing, it’s pretty obvious that this girl has been meticulously planning her romance with Henry every step of the way.