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Who is francia raisa dating 2016

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But there’s another murderer still at large: Ahsha’s long-time boyfriend German, who was revealed in Season Two’s shocking finale to be Olivia Vincent’s killer.Unaware of her boyfriend’s deadly secret, Ahsha is reunited with him, but bad boy MVP Derek has vowed to get her back.

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“We want to thank the show’s fans for their incredible support on social media for this exciting new chapter.” The series has pulled impressive ratings during the first two seasons, finishing as the #1 new scripted series of the summer on cable among Adults 18-49 in its debut season and as the #1 ad-supported scripted drama on cable among women 18-49 in Season 2.“Hit the Floor” has also been a magnet for fans on social platforms, consistently ranking amongst the Top 10 most social shows on TV Monday nights on Twitter.Last season, the Devils won the Championship, but saw their owner Oscar Kinkade arrested for the murder of a Devil Girl.Dinner was awkward and the birthday boy joined us after and even chose the movie.The worst was what happened during the movie, I decided to lay my head on his shoulder and because I was wearing a hat he couldn’t see my eyes and he thought that I had fallen asleep.You almost wish you had been catfished, so you wouldn’t have ever met them at all…

Anyways, we got to chop it up with young Latino Hollywood about their favorite romantic films, their cine-crushes and in the spirit of los haters de San Valentin: their worst date.

“I think I’ll have to say Natalie Portman in ‘Garden State’. Maybe minus the helmet and epilepsy but I think I’d be able to deal with it.

Something about a beautiful woman that can make me laugh.

It’s a day you ride unicorns to work and nothing will get in the way of you delivering those flowers you fought for like “This is Sparta.” It’s a day your wildest dreams will be exceeded and you might even get a marriage proposal! Not even Luther Vandross singing “Always and Forever” to a bunch of dolphins can top that sh*t…

And then there’s those for whom V-day is abhorrent and full of rue.

VH1 executives Susan Levison, Maggie Malina and Jill Holmes are Executive Producers on the project.