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Who is diego gonzalez boneta dating

Log in to Reply @euro i can’t believe how incredibly ignorant and prejudice that comment is, all italians are white regardless of whether or not they have fair or darker beige skin, and italians can have small and big noses despite their complexion. They are many people who are consider white in the USA but are obviously mixed people(Kim Kardashian) and are not consider white in Europe. Log in to Reply All white Latinos have non-white blood.

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Diego’s grandfather Otto was Puerto Rican, born in Rio Grande.Sources: Mention of Diego’s background – of Diego BonetaDiego’s maternal grandfather, Otto Fitzhugh Woodrow Boneta Morales, on the 1930 U. Census – https://Diego’s maternal great-grandfather, Narciso Luis Carlos Boneta y Colón, on the 1910 Puerto Rican Census – https://Narciso Luis Carlos Boneta y Colón on the 1920 Puerto Rican Census – https://You need to do some research yourself.I’m wondering if people are citing that old study on ydna by Oppenheimer which has been shown to be completely wrong.In parallel, migrants from the west coast of France were arriving by boat.Traces of the combined DNA from all these three pioneer settlers forms the basis for the genetic-make up of all white Britons.Yes, there are hardly any pure Spanish Latin-Americans anymore. All Puerto Ricans have some Native or black ancestry, and all Mexicans have some Native American ancestry, in general. Log in to Reply he could be typical spaniard from Spain and seeing his background here, he could only have spanish backround (mexican-puertorican but with european spaniard background) so there is no doubt he is typical spaniard looking. There is a reason why he was cast as a white guy in an American movie.

Log in to Reply he looks very Spanish in fact he looks Native Spanish like before the romans conqured Spain he defiantly doesn’t look Italian he doesn’t look like those Spanish people who can pass for Italian. After looking at the comments I thinking most Americans confuse race with nationality or have never travel outside there own country.

Diego has Mexican, American, and Spanish citizenship.

Diego’s paternal grandfather was Manuel González Cenoz (the son of José González Sandoval and Dolores Cenoz Kattain).

Everyone think that I look like him(my friends and family). White skin is non existent as is black skin, if you wish to refer to white people with rather light skin the word “fair” is often seen as appropriate.

correction; his eyes are green and his hair is dark brown (brunette) Mfzeez U/Ukcu Lmda N_I/AAAAAAACywk/amyb Nsbn Jc I/s1600/Diego_ in to Reply correction; his eyes are certainly not brown, my eye colour classifications are not bizarre they’re just extremely accurate because I’m actually taking time to look these celebrities up on google images and zooming in on large pictures in order to see their true eye colour rather than going off small distant pictures that tell nothing, a person with green eyes could look blue in distant photos and a person with amber eyes could look plain brown in distant photos, this guys eyes are most definitely not brown, they’re green or at least a forest green (green w brown) Log in to Reply correction; why are you arguing a point that clearly doesn’t need to be argued, his eyes are not brown, they’re green or if you prefer forest green (green w brown).

He is the son of Lauro Andrés González Lima and Astrid Boneta López. Some of Diego’s father’s lines can be traced back to Spain (in the 1500s).