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What does xml validating reader class do

what does xml validating reader class do-89

NET - upload an xml file and validate with a xsd on the web server. Really just looking for the right way to specify a xsd in a xml so it can validate on the client's end and the server end. Just curious if you had found any good samples on this? I had to rip all my header stuff, except for a reference to xsi (because I'm allowing xsi:nil for dates).

I would also like to trap all the errors in validating the document and return them to the user. Load(obj Validate XML) 'Close the stream obj Validate XML. Write("THE DOCUMENT IS VALID") END SUB Private Shared Sub Validation Call Back(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Mine does, but it's a little different in that I don't yet have a Xml Schema Collection - working on that now. Here is the finally working get yours going too. Xml Validating Reader Dim obj Schemas Coll As New System. I've done this just fine with a desktop app that validates, just can't seem to get it to work once I upload to my web site. Map Path("MYSchema.xsd")) obj Validate XML = New System. WHEN the XML Document READS through the validating reader obj Working XML. Validation Event Args) Dim test As String response.write(e. Exception End Sub You saying that doesn't continue after the first validation error? Guess I will keep looking Good luck, and please post if you find anything.I would like to know all of the errors in the document to return to the UI. --------------------------------------------- Dim obj Working XML As New System. Map Path("MYSchema.xsd")) obj Validate XML = New System. Load(obj Validate XML) Catch ex As Exception Response. I may be overlooking something as I am definitely not an expert. A problem occurs when the program has to process documents from multiple sources, which may apply different meaning to elements with the same name: an element from one vendor will be very different from the like-named element from another.

Even within an organization, XML data formats can undergo revision, and you may need to handle “version 1” data differently than “version 2.” attributes and does the right thing.

For example, XML generated using simple string output in a Windows environment will probably be encoded in .

Normally, this isn't an issue, especially if the XML is both produced and processed within the same organization.

interface, which enables you to receive notification of errors in your applications and act on that notification.

Code samples demonstrate how to request validation and how to create and register an error handler in SAX. He is involved in technologies such as Java servlets, Enterprise Java Beans technology, XML, and business-to-business applications.

By comparison, with a SAX parser you have to know exactly what you're looking for at the time you parse.