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Vs 2016 designer file not updating

vs 2016 designer file not updating-73

The previous workflow required you to deploy to an i-device through i Tunes on a Mac, but now you can deploy straight from Visual Studio on Windows (although you still need i Tunes for Windows to recognize your device). Use sandboxed version of NPM As we announced a few weeks ago, we recently discovered that certain versions of NPM fail to install our tooling.

If you type a quote or bracket, the corresponding closing character is added.CMake is only run automatically if Qt Creator is the active application, and you can turn automatic running completely off ( on mac OS), Qt Creator gains experimental support for the Nim programming language.Many thanks to Filippo Cucchetto for this contribution.The new action moves an item and its contents into a separate file.CMake Many bugs were fixed for supporting CMake projects, and the workflow further improved.Special folders are shown in solution explorer We had a few cases where folders (such as node_modules and .git) were showing up in the solution explorer.

Wrong message on a failed remote build In some cases, remote i OS builds were reporting some very confusing and misleading error messages.

In particular, we found one problem where Ripple wouldn’t attach because of a timing issue.

We’ve fixed that in Update 6 and we expect this will solve a lot of common problems using Ripple as a debug target.

As part of that we changed some legacy logic in the config designer to write the .

There were some cases however, when we weren’t updating properly and were leaving the old elements.

Find out more in our change log, or just go ahead, download and try it for yourself!