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Video dating submissions

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Follow Creative Nonfiction on Instagram (@creativenonfiction), tag your photos (and caption-length prose) with #cnfgram and #tinytruth, and we’ll do the rest.We “heart” our favorites regularly, and every week we'll repost our favorite to our Instagram feed.

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Creative Nonfiction typically accepts submissions via regular mail and .Our editors tend to gravitate toward submissions structured around narratives, but we’re always happy to be pleasantly surprised by work that breaks outside this general mold.Above all, we’re most interested in writing that blends style with substance, and reaches beyond the personal to tell us something new about the world.A typical issue of CNF contains at least one essay by a previously unpublished writer.We’re open to all types of creative nonfiction, from immersion reportage to personal essay to memoir.In the case of contests, reading fees generally offset the costs associated with those issues, as well as (in most cases) the prize money; or, for a small additional cost, you can , which also helps keep the lights on at CNF. We are happy to read excerpts from longer pieces, though in our experience it rarely works to pull 4,500 words from a longer piece and call it an essay.

Rather, we suggest you consider adapting part of your longer piece so that it can truly stand alone.

Can I change the names or distinguishing characteristics of the people in my story to protect their privacy?

We typically prefer that you not do this, and would argue that, in most cases, there are better ways to approach this type of challenge.

Please follow the links below for more information about: Essays accepted for publication in Creative Nonfiction undergo a fairly rigorous fact-checking process.

To the extent your essay draws on research and/or reportage (and ideally, it should, to some degree), CNF editors will ask you to send documentation of your sources and to help with the fact-checking process.

Please read specific calls for submissions carefully.