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Validating xml editor linux

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My team uses o Xygen XML Editor for everything from simple XML editing to Schema validation and XSLT transformations.The digital production staff especially loves o Xygen's built-in EPUB support, which eliminates a great deal of the grunt work that is usually entailed in editing EPUB files.

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You can sort by a secondary key with the Shift key pressed. Can show XML structures in a way that mirrors the XML (labels showing location of open and close tags) or stylistically (e.g. XPontus XML Editor is a simple XML Editor oriented towards text editing.It is available on multiple platforms, all major operating systems, and as a standalone application or an Eclipse plug-in.You can use o Xygen XML Editor in conjunction with all XML-based technologies and it includes a large variety of powerful tools for creating, editing, and publishing XML documents.The more we use o Xygen, the more realize what a powerful tool it can be in digital and XML-based workflows.Periodically the question of which editor to use for TEI tasks arises on the TEI mailing list.The following cartoon illustrates the commonly-held assumptions that emacs and vi are very powerful but obscure while their competitors make users do all the work.

Note that any text editor can edit XML, so this page only lists software programs that specialize in this task.

Those from a technical background are already likely to have a preferred programmable editor.

Those from a non-technical background are likely to be more interested in ease of use.

The adaptive and innovative user interface is designed to allow you to interact with XML content in the most efficient and productive way possible.

o Xygen XML Developer is the industry-leading XML development tool that includes everything you need for designing XML schemas and transformation pipelines.

With o Xygen XML Web Help, your published content is accessible, interactive, and convenient.