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Validating eurail pass in italy

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The all-Europe online timetable: You can check train times for almost any European train journey online at de.This is an extremely useful resource for trip planning, provided by the German Railways.

But you need to get your head around two different concepts.For an equivalent country by country guide for Inter Rail passholders, see the Inter Rail pass reservations & supplements. If you don't find the train you want, or want to double-check these prices, see Eurail passes give unlimited travel on... Eurail passes are also valid in 2nd class on competing hourly Westbahn trains Salzburg-Vienna, If you want to upgrade to Westbahn Plus (1st class) passholders need to pay a surcharge on board, around 8.50 if you have a 1st class pass, 17 if you have a 2nd class pass.It is definitely worth buying if you're planning an extensive tour with a Eurail pass - having your own comprehensive timetable puts you in control of your own trip, and will save you hours in queues for station information desks or struggling with station timetables which show only the most basic information. he European Rail Map of Europe is easily the best and most comprehensive map of train routes all over Europe.High speed and scenic routes are highlighted - well worth buying to go with your rail pass! There are other maps & even two good European Rail Atlases, see here.Above: Scenery from a Milan-Paris TGV, feet up & glass of wine to hand.

Prague-Krakow 42 Prague-Budapest 64* Prague-Vienna 42* Prague-Bratislava 44* Prague-Bucharest 153 Prague-Belgrade 82**** Budapest-Krakow 65*** Budapest-Prague 64** Budapest-Bratislava 28** Budapest-Bucharest 80*** Budapest-Vienna 39** Budapest-Warsaw 90*** Budapest-Krakow 65*** Budapest-Istanbul 130 Budapest-Belgrade 15**** Budapest-Sofia 84 Budapest-Thessaloniki 118 Budapest-Kiev 69 Budapest-Zagreb 36 Warsaw-Budapest 73 Warsaw-Prague 60* Warsaw-Vienna 65 Warsaw-Budapest 83 Sofia-Istanbul 22 Vienna-Prague 64* Vienna-Budapest 38** Vienna-Warsaw 65 Bucharest-Istanbul 40 Bucharest-Belgrade 142 Belgrade-Istanbul 43 Belgrade-Sofia 30 Belgrade-Zagreb 25 Belgrade-Budapest 15 Belgrade-Montenegro 22 * Cheap advance-purchase fares are available from just 19 on daytime trains if you pre-book using cz/eshop & print out your own ticket!

Whether you use a Eurail pass or buy cheap advance-purchase tickets, the train is the best way to tour the great cities of Europe, relaxed, in comfort, seeing a lot in a remarkably short time.

It's not just about transportation: Train travel is part of our European way of life, the way we Europeans travel, and the train rides are an experience in itself - in some cases they'll be a highlight of your trip.

** Cheap advance-purchase fares are available from 19 if you pre-book online at at for departures from Vienna or from 13 at departures from Budapest.

*** You can buy special fares from 49 including a bed in 2-bed sleeper online at see the advice here.

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