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Uzbekistan malika dating

The magic of a starry evening in Khiva that makes you feel transported to a scene from 1001 nights; clouds drifting over a minaret in Bukhara; the intense blue of the majolica tiles on the magnificent Registan in Samarkand; the hussle of the Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent.

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First Transoxiana, then Turkestan, now Uzbekistan, this part of central Asia has always been a melting pot and a much contested region.Khiva was once an independent khanate renowned as a centre of the slave trade – raiders from Khiva would set off to vulnerable communities bringing back slaves to live in tortuous conditions, or be sold to end up somewhere else along the Silk Road.Peter the Great first sought to bring Khiva under his control in 1717, but it was not to be – Russian forces were tricked and then massacred, humiliating the Tsar.Unlike some companies it should be noted we do not send a guide or tour leader from Undiscovered Destinations in the UK as we have every confidence in our locally appointed representative who is responsible for operating the tour on our behalf.Where possible you will have the same guide throughout your trip but on occasions it may be necessary to change the guide at one or more points during the tour.Day 1 – Tashkent Arrive in Tashkent and transfer to the hotel.

Depending on your time of arrival, you may have time to explore the city. Tashkent Uzbekistan’s capital displays its Silk Road heritage even today.

If this sounds overly romantic, that is because we believe that there is something special for everyone when they take a vacation to Uzbekistan.

History, romance, the feel of a place less travelled, engaging with the wonderful people who are genuinely delighted that you are visiting their country and will do anything to make your stay feel more special.

Later there will be time for you to explore on your own. (B) Day 4 – Konye-Urgench - Ashgabat We cross the border into little known Turkmenistan and head for the site of Konye-Urgench, an ancient capital of the land of Khorezm with beautiful mausoleums (240km).

After visiting its key sites we fly to Turkmenistan’s capital, Ashgabat. (B) Please note that the procedure for crossing borders can be lengthy even at quieter times.

For custom luxury travel and tours to Uzbekistan, please contact one of our travel experts.