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Updating line 6 workbench

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One word of caution -- the first time I plugged the RJ45 cable into the Variax it wouldn't come out again.Fortunately someone else out there had had the same problem and posted a solution -- open the Neutrix housing in which the RJ45 plug lives and snap off the plastic tab that is designed to hold the plug in place.

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All You Can Eat One of the main reasons for bringing different guitars is not only the pickup and sound, but the tuning.It's not needed, since the Neutrix housing has a separate tab/release mechanism that secures it to the jack.And the little plastic tab apparently gets stuck inside and won't release its hold on the jack when you try to pull it out. (Not to mention an obvious Quality Control failure on Line 6's part.) Perform this little operation BEFORE PLUGGING IT IN THE FIRST TIME to avoid an hour or two of frustration.With Variax Workbench, you can select from a complete list of guitar bodies, pickups and placement, tone and volume controls, and tweak until you've come up with a guitar that is truly unique.With Workbench, it's like having all the greatest pickups, controls, and bodies of the greatest guitar collection, all at your instant disposal. - Works with Variax 300, 500, 600 or 700 - Compatible with any Windows PCs or Mac OSX computers - Allows you to completely customize any or all of the sounds on the Variax model knob and 5-way selector - Create custom or alternate tunings for any electric guitar you construct - Easily create, store, share and back-up thousands of guitar models using the librarian feature - Workbench's detailed graphics allow you to see and hear the guitars you create in real time - Includes custom RJ-45 cable, USB cable and hardware interface - Interface is powered through USB connection and small enough to throw in your guitar's gig bag (if not your pocket) With Variax Workbench, you can get inside your Variax Acoustic 700 and fully personalize it with live or studio ambient modes, alternate tunings, mic position, compressor, and trim controls.Still, it's worth it if you need to tweak the sounds.

Line 6 support has proven to be very spotty -- I know because I own a lot of their products.

Workbench allows you to not only make your own guitars, but you can select a custom tuning to go along with it.

Now your T-model setting can be in Open G, your Spank model can be tuned a half step down, and your Lester model can go to Drop D.

You can make as many guitars as you want using Workbench's Librarian.

Keep track of your custom guitars, store them on your computer's hard drive, email them to friends, or just make a CD-ROM backup so you can load your guitars into any Variax you use.

Apple Macintosh users need to have OS X 10.3.8 or higher and a G4 or G5 running @ 400 MHz or faster.