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Updating gallery2

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You get to pick and choose which modules you activate, so even if you download a package that has more modules than you need you can always choose not to activate the ones you don't want.

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All of our modules and themes are available separately so if you install a smaller package you can still add more functionality later on, either by downloading yourself or using the new Downloadable Plugins feature in Gallery 2.2.If you’re impatient like us, you just want to get going.The odds are that your system is all set to handle Gallery 2 so just skip right to the installer and start clicking.No denial of service attacks were carried out against the application server.The development team resolved the security issues raised by auditors during the release candidate phases.[table of contents] Over four years of design and development have gone into making Gallery 2 the best online photo management product available.

We have made it easy to add new features while keeping them in separate modules so that you can customize it to only have the ones that you want.

During the audit we identified multiple minor security issues which have since been resolved by the Gallery2 developers.

The result is a much more secure Gallery2 application with enhanced security features to keep your Gallery and its users as safe and secure as possible.

You must have your own website with PHP and database support in order to install and use it.

With Gallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface.

The Gallery team retained Paul Mutton of Intershot Limited to do a complete security audit of Gallery 2.1 Release Candidate 1.