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Updating from fedora 9 to fedora 10

updating from fedora 9 to fedora 10-16

So follow the steps below carefully to perform the upgrade. As usual, start by backing up your vital data on the system or perhaps you may consider backing up the whole system, followed by updating your Fedora 24 system packages to the latest versions.You can execute the command below to update your Fedora system packages to the latest version: 3.

Thankfully That left a few duplicate devel packages the first time, so I ran it again.directly sponsored by the Fedora Project or Red Hat, Inc.Privacy Policy | Term of Use | Posting Guidelines | Archive | Contact Us | Founding Members Powered by v Bulletin Copyright 2000 - 2012, v Bulletin Solutions, Inc.You should note that this is the recommended and supported method of upgrading to Fedora 25 from Fedora 24.Under this method, you will use the dnf upgrade plugin.Yesterday, Fedora 25 was released and this guide will walk you through the various steps you can follow to upgrade your system to Fedora 25 from Fedora 24 using both graphical user interface (GUI) and command line methods.

Although the primary method of upgrading has been provided via the command-line, however, if you are using Fedora 24 workstation, you can take advantage of the GUI mechanism.

I connect to my headless server through a VNC session. P1.fc17 I tell it to install, and the install fails with this error: 12:dhclient-4.2.4-0.4.rc1.fc17.x86_64 requires 93()(64bit) 12:dhclient-4.2.4-0.4.rc1.fc17.x86_64 requires 90()(64bit): Success - empty transaction I go to a terminal and try to update bind-license from a command line using yum and I get this output: Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit Resolving Dependencies -- Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Package: 12:dhclient-4.2.4-0.4.rc1.fc17.x86_64 (@koji-override-0/$releasever) Requires: 93()(64bit) Removing: 32:bind-libs-lite-9.9.0-4.fc17.x86_64 (@koji-override-0/$releasever) 93()(64bit) Updated By: 32:bind-libs-lite-9.9.2-3.

When I try to run Software Updates, it shows me 80 updates, I click Install, then it brings up another list of things it needs to install for dependencies, I click Install, and then I get a message: Failed to process request. So, then I go to a terminal, su to root, run a yum update, and then it sorta works, except for problem #2 (which I was able to MOSTLY get around using the --skip-broken option) 2. The Software Updates show these as available updates: bind-libs-32:9.9.2-3. P1.fc17.x86_64 (updates) Not found Error: Package: 32:bind-libs-lite-9.9.0-4.fc17.x86_64 (@koji-override-0/$releasever) Requires: bind-license = 32:9.9.0-4.fc17 Removing: 32:bind-license-9.9.0-4.fc17.noarch (@koji-override-0/$releasever) bind-license = 32:9.9.0-4.fc17 Updated By: 32:bind-license-9.9.2-3.

Well, of course its dependencies were broken - the system was a third of the way between Fedora Core 2 and 3!

Not only that, but there were apparently duplicate packages of various important things like installed, each with different version numbers.

Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach an end-point when all the upgrade packages have been downloaded.