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Trinidad and tobago dating culture

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The Tobago Heritage Festival from July to August celebrates that island’s music, food and dance.

Trinidad and Tobago Hotels and Resorts Many visitors to Trinidad come on business, so the majority of hotels on this island cater to them and are near the capital, including the Hilton Trinidad (Book Now) and the sleek Hyatt Regency Trinidad (Book Now).This is the birthplace of calypso, the limbo and steel drums.The islands also claim two Nobel prize winners for literature, V. Naipaul, a native Trinidadian, and Derek Walcott, who moved there from St. Trinidad and Tobago Events and Festivals Trinidad’s Carnival, which takes place in either February or March, is a huge festival and one of best reasons to head to this island.Trinidad and Tobago History and Culture The Spanish colonized these islands, but they later came under British control.Slavery was abolished in 1834, opening the door for contract laborers from India.The nightlife on Tobago tends to center on the resorts.

Trinidad and Tobago’s nearly 1.4 million people are English-speaking, but trace their roots back to Africa and India, China and the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

One fascinating spot is Pitch Lake, 100 acres of soft, sticky tar that’s the source of much of the world’s asphalt.

Trinidad and Tobago are known for their incredible diversity of wildlife, especially birds.

Be sure to wash it all down with a native fruit juice or a cold Carib beer.

On Tobago, try Kariwak Village Restaurant, which has an especially appealing Friday and Saturday buffet dinner.

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of Caribbean Carnival.