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Sex dating in bluffs illinois

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Army veteran Paul King struggles to find a place to call home.Shackled with poor health and a sexual-abuse conviction, King has seen his life deteriorate.

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King lived in downtown Cape Girardeau, a short distance from the restaurant where he worked.I didnt know it would affect the rest of my life like that, he said.But Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Limbaugh said sex-offender registries serve a good purpose.The facility houses Medicaid patients and veterans, she said.Christopher said she initially thought her brother would be able to live there for only 90 days. If the VA cant find a place for me, I dont know what they will do with me, he said. He recently was informed he qualifies for $810 a month in disability benefits. For a short time, she let her brother stay in the house, but Christopher said her landlord told her he could not stay there because he was a sex offender.They not only benefit law enforcement but help keep people informed about people who may pose a risk to others, he said.

Some sex offenders are prone to be repeat offenders, he said.

King disputes his daughters version of events, He said he agreed to a plea deal in July 2003 on the advice of his attorney. When he was released in 2007, he moved to Cape Girardeau.

King said he was concerned he would never again see his mother, who suffered from Alzheimers, if he didnt take the deal. King said he thought the incident would be behind him once he finished serving his sentence.

He undergoes dialysis three times a week at a Poplar Bluff hospital. Christopher said her brother has little energy and sleeps a lot. Christopher would like to get her brother admitted to a Cape Girardeau nursing home.

But she said many nursing homes wont admit sex offenders.

We have had situations where we have had to deny veterans burial in veterans cemeteries, Bell said.