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Score dating game walkthrough

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Anyways, it's now been almost over ten years since then (and almost nine since the last update). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE AFFECTION VALUES -------------------- There are four values in the game, and I have termed them Affection values for the purpose of this document.

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" ( 1 Aeris) "Yeah, that's right" (-5 Aeris) After you get through Sector 6 to the playground: "Take her home." -- "Go on to Sector 7." ( 1 Aeris) If Tifa is chosen as the Don's date: "You all right? " (-2 Aeris) If Aeris is chosen as the Don's date: "You all right? The points will continue to increase until they reach 30 or more, at which point any further increases will be ignored.Mt Corel -------- Stealing the Phoenix Downs from the Cokatolis nest does nothing to alter Affection values.Neither does finding it but leaving it alone, for that matter.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION HISTORY --------------- v1.00 : 21/04/99 : Original Release v1.10 : 05/09/00 : Game Shark and Game Hack Codes Added, plus additional Guides v1.20 : 08/07/09 : Final update to finish things up - all possible Affection changes should now be documented v1.21 : 09/12/09 : Noted some more restrictions regarding one of Barret's scenes, as well as noting a related exploit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOREWORD -------- For a while after FF7's release, the Gold Saucer Date was a mystery.People knew you could date different characters at that part of the plot, but weren't exactly sure how.Final Fantasy 7 Copyright 1997, 1998 Square Co., Ltd.

Final Fantasy and Squaresoft are registered trademarks of Square Co., Ltd.

And no, it doesn't even matter who is in your party at the time. Gold Saucer ----------- When you first enter the Gold Saucer, you will have the option of talking to members of your party and asking them to accompany you: Talking to Aeris: Go together ( 3 Aeris) Don't go together (-2 Aeris) Talking to Tifa: Go together ( 3 Tifa) Don't go together (-2 Tifa) Talking to Yuffie: Go together ( 3 Yuffie) Don't go together (-2 Yuffie) Talking to Red XIII: Go together -- Don't go together -- Only the first of the above Affection changes may be made: if you decline Aeris first, you'll get -2 Aeris, but you will be unable to get a 3 Tifa as well, for example.

You can decline Red XIII for no effect and still get an Affection change by talking to one of the others.

The Riva column is for those with the latest Riva patch installed (the one that adds both Riva 128 and Riva TNT compatibility).

It's possible that these codes will also work for the US version, but I cannot vouch for them in that respect.

If Barret was in your party when this occurs, then you will be able to find him in the room behind Tiger Lily's weapon shop, where he'll offer to talk more about AVALANCHE. " ( 3 Barret) "Yeah, whatever..." -- Choosing the non-scoring options halts the dialogue, but you can talk to Barret again to resume it at that point.