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Saying i love you after a month of dating

In another few studies, these same researchers examined whether men and women have better reactions to statements of love before or after having sex in the relationship.

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More plausible advice assumes that there is no precise formula for when to say "I love you," and that you should say it whenever you .In a recent study, 64% of participants were likely to think women were the first to say they were in love, and these professions were estimated to occur close to 2 months into a relationship (Ackerman, Griskevicius, & Li, 2011).The stereotype is that women are more interested in relationships, especially serious relationships, and are therefore more likely to confess their feelings sooner than men.It may even enhance trust and honesty between lovers.Since profound love needs time to develop, it isn't reasonable to say "I love you profoundly" after being together for just a brief time; that may indicate that you are not serious about what is in fact a serious matter.For these people, hearing “I love you” before sex may have indicated that the other person was interested in physical intimacy.

Women were happier and felt more positive emotion if first declarations of love came after sexual intimacy in the relationship.

In a relationship, who do you think is more likely to say “I love you” first — men or women?

If you are like most people, you might be tempted to say women.

A: First of all, congrats on finding someone you see as having real potential. And the fact that you think you’re falling in love? Ask yourself: If you answered three of those questions with a resounding “yes,” then you're on the right path to saying “I love you.” That said, however, Casey has a few rules to keep in mind as you prepare to profess your feelings. You may not remember it if you’re drunk—and it’s hardly romantic, man.

Promise.)And because that connection goes beyond being able to recall generic basics (like where she works and what street she lives on), dating expert Whitney Casey suggests a simple self-test to decide if you’re truly ready to spill your feelings. People too often say things they don’t mean right after doing the deed, so the bedroom is not the place to divulge those three little words for the first time. Don’t say it when tipsy, medicated or otherwise intoxicated. Your rent-out-the-stadium-Jumbotron moment can wait. She gives smart, super-honest advice about your biggest dating and relationship conundrums.

When looking at actual relationships, however, men were more likely to profess their feelings first!