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Now you'll get your match information, including the e-mail addresses of anyone you matched with. It had been a while since I did anything of value in the dating sphere.

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We had enough friends - too many friends, if anything.The first few women caught me off-guard, and I was yet to discern the judging etiquette.Each person was assigned a number; one then had to tick a sheet with either 'yes' 'no' or 'friends'.The men (mostly in pairs) came in two types: lurking drinkers, or fleet footed charmers - extroverts, with their beards and i Phones - top button-uppers.By the time the event commenced, I was seeing double.The crowd was thinning out, Dan was speaking to a woman at the bar, she had a kind face and easy smile.

And here I was, awaiting the kiss of the spider woman - like some kind of office-bound Odysseus I was sailing towards the rocks.

The event drew to a close and my date and I continued talking.

I waited for a smile, or a sardonic mark, but nothing followed. I then felt her hand under the table, touching my knee.

The first few faces did not excite me, nor I them - I rolled through some arbitrary chat awaiting the call to move on.

We continued in this vein, a mating dance of sorts.

The host rings a bell, and your first "date" begins.