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Pros cons dating co worker

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Does the couple now get to walk down the halls holding hands?Are they allowed to make date plans or exchange a kiss as they pass in the halls?

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• Preventing dating could cause greater complications than allowing dating.The key is to determine what works best for your business.Speaking with other companies may help, as might speaking with your Human Resource Peers to help companies establish policies and create employee handbooks.Not only could this be awkward after a breakup, but it could become embarrassing to see a couple.Perhaps Employee A had a crush on Employee B, but Employee B becomes romantically involved with Employee C.Her background is in marketing and communications, employee education and training, development of policies and procedures and the ongoing delivery of outstanding service to customers.

Workplace romance exists when two members of the same organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction.

This may be hindered by a major breakup between employees.

However, preventing your employees from dating could cause unwanted resentment. First consider the Pros and Cons of allowing dating in the workplace. Pros: • People who work together should know each other better than two people set up on a blind date, improving the chances that their relationship lasts.

They can go through with you how to create a policy that will work best for your company because, after all, the above Pros and Cons may not apply to your business and are only a small list of considerations.

Whatever your policy is, it is important to implement it.

By allowing dating and establishing a dating policy, a small business owner can still make sure employees keep their private lives private while also undercutting deception. Even if employees do not want to date, they may gain respect for their employer because their employer has shown them that they are being trusted.