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Prevent hyperlinks updating

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You could, perhaps, add a Document_Open macro to the document to advise about the links being locked, and asking the user whether to update (which the macro could do in response to a 'yes' answer, by unlocking, updating then re-locking).

By setting the Auto Update property of the object to Manual mode, the Update links dialog box can be disabled. a) Use the Edit | Links option: In the Links window, click on each link in the list and set it to Manual as show in the figure below: b) Use a VBA Macro: VBA does provide the option to define the manner of updating when you insert a linked object using the Auto Update property.Automatic update of the embedded and linked objects is extremely powerful feature of Microsoft Word, but it could be boring for a large document.Locking a link prevents the object from being updated by the original application file, such as an Excel spreadsheet file.Top of Page When the source workbook and the destination workbook are open on the same computer, links are updated automatically.When you open a destination workbook, and the source workbook is not open, you may be alerted by the Trust Bar whether to update the links.How to I tell word not to automatically update these links? 1) I am using link field code to pull in the info from excel (the \A link is not present) 2) the 'file / options / advanced / general / Update automatic links at open' option is UNCHECKED 3) Edit, Links shows the links dialog box and all links show as 'Man' If I open an excel file that has links, it asks if I want to update them.

I would love a nice, friendly dialog box like this to pop up for word too.

You can control whether the Trust Bar alerts you, and whether to update all links when the alert does not appear.

You can also update only some of the links, if the workbook contains more than one link. It is possible to accidentally create a link by moving or copying a range, worksheet, or chart between workbooks.

You could add the 'edit links' button to the QAT and make sure all the links are set to manual update.

You could probably also lock the fields via Ctrl-F11 (and unlock them for updating via Ctrl-Shift-F11) All links are already set to manual.

The workbook that contains the links is called the destination workbook, and the workbook that is linked to it is called the source workbook.