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Pioneer inno problem updating

XM channels were identified by Arbitron with the label "XM" (e.g., "XM32" for "The Bridge").

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In order to ensure AVICSYNC will work correctly on your AVIC model, you will need to ensure you download the correct firmware, specific for your AVIC model.FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions ( TFRs) were also available and shown.Certain aircraft had the XM radio service into the aircraft's audio system, as well, which allowed passengers to listen to XM radio while flying.XM carried music, news (both simulcast and syndicated programming), sports, talk radio, comedy (both stand-up and radio shows), and even radio drama.In addition, XM used to broadcast local weather and traffic conditions in its larger markets. To receive satellite radio programming, a customer was required to purchase a receiver. With a service commitment, it was possible to get a simple receiver for free.Monthly packages started at US$14.49/month (changed since 2011 from US$12.95/month) with add-on "family" radios at US$8.99/month.

Best-of-Sirius was available on US accounts for an additional monthly fee. Channel quality was in one of two flavors, stereo music channels at 39 kbit/s and mono talk channels at 16 kbit/s using proprietary compression.

The downside is that the various weather streams (radar, cloud coverage, lightning, forecast, TAF, FA, etc...) took around 15 minutes to complete the data download, meaning that the information can somewhat be out-of-date by the time it is shown.

In-cockpit radar and lightning receivers returned truly realtime information, but they costed many thousands of dollars, and did not provide forecasts and complete weather reports.

Please kindly set Home/Work location via AVICSYNC App.* If you use i Phone 6 or later, AVISYNC does not work properly when the phone's "DISPLAY ZOOM" setting is set to "Zoomed".

Please use the "Standard" setting until this issue is resolved.

You can enjoy these videos from the below direct links Click here to view the video on the official Pioneer Youtube channel Pioneer sincerely regrets any inconvenience that the delay of AVICSYNC has caused you.