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Outlook calendar not updating on iphone

Contacts on my i Phone 4 are not syncing to i Cloud even though it is set as on.It is a new phone, and the contacts synced when I first set up i Cloud, but not since.

outlook calendar not updating on iphone-45

If you've done that and it still doesn't work, remove your i Cloud account from you settings (Settings - Delete Account).Then recreate these contacts you see, one by one, by going into i, your other i Device or Outlook on your desktop and create them as new contacts.For best results I recommend that you DO NOT press save for the new contact until you FIRST press delete* on the non-i Cloud contact you are about to make a copy of.If all of these answers aren't working for you, perhaps the contacts you've been wanting to transfer to your mac aren't in your i Cloud account in the first place. this thread fixed my problem, for my contacts were actually stored on the Hotmail-server. We're trying to find the best answers and those answers will provide info as to why they're the best.To resolve this, within I selected icloud settings from the top right menu and Advanced I think most of the problem has to do with the fact that contacts can be saved in different groups.

If, by default, your iphone doesn't save contacts into your i Cloud group it will not sync with Contacts on your Mac.

Then select/Checkmark all email accounts/accounts you see listed and make sure that i Cloud it NOT check marked here while you’re fishing for all those rogue contacts.

Click done and what will then be displayed, are contacts that you saved somewhere other than i Cloud.

In addition, he/she can also be given access to receive mails pertaining the meetings, PRIVATE ITEMS and also accept and reject meetings on your behalf.

You could also assign a delegate as an Author, giving him/her the privileges of creating meeting requests and reading through your Calendar, PRIVATE ITEMS but he/she cannot modify or delete meeting requests.

Contacts – Default Account = must contain a check next to i Cloud. Now all future contacts created on your i Phone (on your i Pad, do the same as above), will also appear in i Cloud and Outlook (if you’ve also set up Outlook).