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Changing card data If your card data is changed, but is not changed in our system, we reserve the right to close your subscription without notice. If we cannot charge amounts to your card – irrespective of the reason – we likewise reserve the right to close your subscription.

advises all users to beware of letters written in English.These can be spam letters designed to get money from people.advises you not to disclose personal data such as addresses and account numbers.If you cancel your trial membership after fewer than 7 days, or if we are not subsequently able to deduct payment using the credit card information provided, the right to the welcome gift is void and your request for the gift will be automatically rejected.In some cases, the welcome gift shown is not identical with what you will receive and is only shown for inspirational purposes.Use of your subscription begins as soon as you complete the purchase on

If you wish to exercise the right of return you must log off directly after your purchase, without logging on again.

At, we only require your account number in the payment centre.

urges all users not to give money to persons that they do not know, even if there has been a lively exchange of letters or telephone numbers.

After the trial period, your membership will be activated automatically, unless you have unsubscribed.

You furthermore accept that you will receive advertising newsletters from the following brands: Terms and prices When you register you accept that can charge £0.15 for 14 days membership of These include a trial period of 14 days from registration as a member, at a special price.

As you have entered into a subscription agreement, the right of return applies solely to the conclusion of the agreement, and not in connection with the ongoing payment.