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A very romantic One-Shot I wrote for a friend's birthday! Rosalina is aware of this, but it's only minor, right? Nat, Alex, Rosalina, and the rest of the Naked Brothers Band are all waiting on something big to excite their lives. *This is my personal favorite story*"Stevie Baskara was not a girly girl. To see if Zander could make Stevie fall in love with him. While still newly married, Ash and Misty reccieve some surprising news. Will Fabian ever find out Nina's true feelings for him? But what if what you want can't be wrapped up under a tree? From ribbons to mistletoe, explore the holidays throughout Ash and Misty's romantic exploits!10 years after Tokyo, Robin asks the fellow titans to help him babysit his son and daughter while Starfire was away. That's what she thinks until one day it pushes a little too far which makes Rosalina realize, she can't have a both boys in her life. What will happen when this big event occurs and the life of one of them is at stake? Read to find out.*Kate has been kidnapped* by an underground sex trafficking ring. This story is on the dark side as it will have light torture, light bondage, voyeurism. She could beat anyone, guy or girl, by introducing her base to their face. They both fall in love with each other, but are afraid of sharing their feelings. He dosn't know her finding out will break their friendship. No one knows why or to where, until Annabeth finds a note written by him to her, four years later, telling him where he is, & Annabeth is determined to find him, no matter what the personal cost. xx Korra's in a terrible situation with a suave-voiced bloodbender; and the aftermath brings her closer to her friends, to a certain firebender, and leaves her stronger than ever. When Team Rocket finds out, however, they will do anything in their power to get their hands on what is rightfully Ash and Misty's, immersing the couple in a state of fear and danger."Hey Fabe, I was wondering I mean we need to catch up so, I want you to meet me in the attic. " He touched my hand and smiled "For old time sake, sure... Rated for some violent imagery and some sparse language. Some chapters include Contestshipping, Handymanshipping, and possibly some others.

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School will be starting in a month :'( and a bunch of things will be going on in the coming weeks.As the Titans' fearless leader searches for the culprit, Starfire struggles to discover how or if she fits on the team anymore. Percy's always fighting monsters and walking away alive barely , but now he must hold on to life while he struggles to wake from a coma. The storm inside the cabin was worse than the storm raging outside. There has always been a spark between Mike and Amanda, but what does it take for Amanda to feel that very same spark?Post-Tokyo, Rob Star, minor BBRae and Cy Sarah Katniss and Peeta are both haunted by nightmares of their experience in the seventy fourth Hunger Games. What happens when CAstle and Beckett head out to the sticks to speak to a suspect but have to deal with things maps, trees, mud and other stuff. " "What if we need to learn another language again? Now that Mikes been spending more time with Julie, Amanda's becoming more awake to her feelings. Castle and Beckett have been to hell and back together.Katniss comes face to face with a daughter of a pair of victors. During a trip through a forest, Misty is poisoned by an Ariados and Ash must take care of her. I've got you,' he replies as he gently wraps his arm around my waist." Sick! What happens when Nina and Fabian spend summer together at Anubis House? "It's ok to break, Camille," Logan whispered, his sweet, warm breath tickling her ear. After Hayley's heart is broken, there's no better thing to do but to immerse herself in monster hunting; especially when there's a rare but vicious monster on the loose. Between Castle & Beckett's first one and another one for Ryan & Honey-Milk, everyone's got stork fever in the Crumbsverse. Why does Castle suddenly have an obsession with annoying unanswerable questions? "Because I love you and always will," Hayley's about to get married but Jake's still in love with her. As Christmas approaches, the Troop notices various presents disappearing.In doing so, he realizes just how much she means to him. Rosalina's boyfriend doesn't like Nat, and since he doesn't like Nat, Nat doesn't like him back. Camille turned slightly and buried her face into his neck and melted into his safe, gentle arms." Sad, sweet, and romantic Lomille. After her boyfriend attacks her who else but Logan would be there to pick up the pieces. But what happens when she finds herself falling for someone she'd never expect? The Sibuna team finally defeat Victor and find Joy, Fabian and Joy start to get closer but Nina still likes Fabian although he doesn't know that. Putting aside their wants for the festive season, it's up to the Troop to stop this madness in time for Christmas. UPDATE on 6/6/2012: I have currently just finished my third "part" of my Supah Ninjas series.

I am currently working on a Supah Ninjas (Multi-chap) fanfic and i have not posted it.

Other fun facts I have collected Pokemon cards (I have around 1600) and model/toy horses I have around 300 at the moment. My favorite thing to do on the weekends is go fishing, go up to cabin, and go wheeling/snowmobling. I dislike Pink, lots of makeup, and shopping for a long period.

I have ALOT of people I would love to meet People who inspire me-My family and people I watch on TV that make a good influence on others (Gracie Dzienny-She can kick butt even thou shes a girl, now thats what i like, not people who are bullies to others on TV) also Stana Katic, she has shown me that I shouldn't be afriad about showing my tough side on the job, she shows how I should embrace it and use it to its full potential.

After the war, Tris decided that her future is abysmal. 'Where's Beckett' Assuming that the creepy dynamic duo of Jerry Tyson and Kelly Nieman has taken Beckett, what did they do to her while they had her at their mercy? And what does Castle do to them once he gets her back? The group will encounter jobs, weddings, pregnancy, family problems, and much more. Ash and Misty are thrilled to be expecting another child.

They figured they can go back to being younger any day After a run in with a mysterious villain, Starfire's powers are stolen from her. But when they learn there's something special about the baby, a force much greater than Team Rocket goes after them, leading the couple to fight harder than ever.

I know they really arn't couples yet, but I'm hoping they will someday :)Please read my most recent updates at the bottom I love horses thats why i call myself Black Thoroughbred Filly, it includes my favorite color for a horse, favorite breed, and since im a girl I like filliesthanks for checking out my profile About me Hey everyone of Fanfiction!!! I am planning onto making this into a longer story then all of my others, but we'll have to seee on time wise.