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Ncos dating lower ranks

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Initially a position used to reward long serving Sergeants, it became a job that exceptional NCO’s could aspire to as the pinnacle of their career.

Officers would order a project be done, but it was the sergeants who told the men what to do and saw it was done properly. Men are given ranks so that everyone knows who can give orders to whom, as often those orders will result in men dying.Army rank is a two tired class system: officers and enlisted men.Thus the best privates in the unit were supposed to be Pfcs and gain the extra few dollars pay.It was not automatic in WW2 for a private to be promoted to Pfc after a set period of time.WW2 continued the democratization of the military that had taken root in WW1.

For the first time an intelligent person from a poor background with no education, could be selected by their performance on intelligence tests alone and raised to the officer class.

While officers lived and ate in separate facilities, the NCOs lived and ate with the enlisted men.

Most senior NCOs had their own private or semi-private rooms in the barracks.

These were corporals and sergeants who oversaw the day to day activities of the men.

Generally they were the most experienced enlisted men, and at the start of the war most sergeants had many years in the Army.

Known as technicians, these were men who needed to be paid more for specific skills, but did not need the command authorization of a higher rank. In September 1942 the rank stripes had a letter “T” on them to indicate there were a Technician.