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You can post your intentions on the scoreboard of Yankee Stadium or get down on one knee on the beach at sunset.

Further, as age increased the response rate decreased at even higher levels. Women look for reasons to reject a guy and that’s a feature, not a bug. Because most women don’t take online dating seriously, don’t expect pithy profiles. If you’re not being social in real life – even if not to meet women – your social skills will get rusty and your real dates will suffer accordingly. Too much distance is a time killer (except if the date is near your job) and a poor return on investment if you are looking for more than just sex. The same goes for everything else – distance, baldness, height, etc. I tried online dating in the past and the .001% success ratio convinced me to give it for good. If your city has sufficient population density, you can keep your search to under 10 miles. If the woman’s profile states an age range and you don’t fall into it, don’t message her. Online Dating, A Short Primer The Best Dating Advice Women Will Ever Get I feel your pain brother my height and slim build (5’5″ 120 pounds) has made me all but give up on dating period.When I was beginning my journey to successfully meeting women online, I dabbled and experimented with EVERY well-known dating technique that’s been marketed on the internet.I really tried everything…One of the techniques that I was especially attached to was “Cocky & Funny.” Cocky & Funny is probably the most famous dating technique in existence. Fortunately, the professional dating coaches are working to correct this (link below). Most consider online dating as a tertiary priority, right after cleaning the litter box. I disagree with what was said about looking for shorter girls they seem to be the most demanding about the height requirements in my experience.

As well, women have enormous egos and their abilities to rationalize are nuclear powered. Women over a certain age will fill every single waking moment with something and usually not logging into their computers to actually be serious about online dating. You’re a busy guy, give that message by delaying responses. If you weed out the sparsely written profiles, you’re going to be eliminating too many dames before you even start sending out messages. Women do judge you on your height so unless you have super-human game, deep pockets and model looks it’s gonna be a tough road online.

Based on the additional wisdom I’ve acquired, I have some additional advice for men over 40 who are attempting online dating. If she can’t get past your profile photos, you’re done.

Note: My advice is based on a large metropolitan area.

We saw the following results: We sent this template-based message to nearly 1000 women and the distribution between the age ranges was pretty even.

The results were enough to convince us that the one-size-fits-all approach to online dating that most of the other “gurus” teach is a bad one…A very bad one indeed…So just how exactly did Cocky & Funny work for these same age groups?

It’s about being partly arrogant and aloof, and part funny when you talk to women…Cocky & Funny quickly became my pet technique. I LOVED it…I was addicted to it…But for some reason……I didn’t want to admit some of the doubtful thoughts that began creeping in my head.