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Mobile teen dating

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Since Blendr does not necessarily need access to Facebook friends or telephone contacts, anyone nearby who has the app installed will be able to see everyone else nearby with the app installed, including friends, foes and mere acquaintances.

In addition to the degradation of self-esteem that could potentially come along with this app, encouraging such promiscuous and risky sexual behavior is not something parents want for their children.If that person finds you attractive, Tinder will let you both know that you match and open up a line of communication just between the two of you.It’s like sending your friend across the bar to see if someone likes you, but without the social awkwardness and with better results.While the intentions might be harmless enough, there are many safety reasons why these apps should not be used by children.Here are some teen dating apps that children have been known to use on smartphones.The app reads each user’s location as they are signed in, and then will display matches for each user’s preferences within a given area.

This is helpful for some singles who find themselves at a concert or sporting event and wonder if someone nearby might share interests or might be looking for someone too.

Even if they think they are only using it for the chance of finding a schoolmate or just for giggles, the app is designed for adults so one must either be an adult or lie about being one to join in.

The app uses information such as geographical location and proximity to others via certain social algorithms to create potential matches, making it far too simple for the child to get noticed while out and about.

Teens and particularly teenage girls use these apps mostly for entertainment, at first.

Teens join these sites and download the apps out of curiosity, to see what others are sharing and see what others would say if they saw their own profile.

Smartphone dating apps take social media to another level because the majority of those using dating apps are looking for more than just friends. This is great for single adults who aren’t around other single adults, but it is not so great when our children are using them for any reason.