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Love addiction and online dating

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Many professionals have rejected the idea that narcissists can be love addicts.This may be because they rarely come in for treatment.

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When they become frightened, or feel unsafe, they begin withholding companionship, sex, affection—anything that makes them feel anxious.Warning: This area is intended for adults and teens, not young children.You will find no objectionable pictures on this site.True, OFM was smart, but couldn't I find someone smarter?And fine, OFM had a really, really great rack, but don't flat-chested women also have a lot to offer?OFM had it all: intelligence with a streak of creativity, the ability not just to hear but to listen, a searing sense of humor with a tang of sarcasm, and a really great rack. Finding someone better was no longer innocent curiosity; it was easy — and it became an obsession.

We started seeing each other regularly — quickly moving from making out in my car to doing much more in my bedroom — and talked on the phone every day. Except for this: I still checked my profile once, twice, three times a day. Yes, OFM listened, but what if someone else listened better?

However, today we understand that this is not true.

Love addiction stands alone, and codependency is only one of several underlying personality disorders.

If they leave the relationship when they become frightened, they are just Saboteurs.

If they keep repeating the pattern of being available/unavailable, they are seductive withholders.

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