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Libra dating a cancer man

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In turn, she will adore him for being so thoughtful and amusing. She doesn't get too worked up over small things and she can always see the bright side because she keeps a cool head in nearly every situation.

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Engage in discussions of financial security unemotionally and without batting an eye.Cancer man and Libra woman make an unusual pair, but if they've got complementary astrological aspects in their natal charts, these two can have a very good romance.When I say unusual, that doesn't mean unlikely, nor difficult -- it simply means that these two may not seem like an obvious astrological romance, but they can certainly surprise by turning out to be the most solid and rock-steady relationships amongst their group of friends.Approach him with confidence, but let him get comfortable with you at his own pace.Famous Cancer-Libra Couples: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee This is a bossy combo!Believe it or not, these two will fight for control more than practically any other pair.

Their only salvation is to give the Cancer woman complete control of the household if there is to be any peace at all.

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Cancer and Libra are two of the least compatible zodiac signs, but this doesn't mean that a relationship between the two can't work.

Although it is difficult, the two signs' personality traits also complement each other well when two people work together with a goal in mind.

Continue Reading Both Cancers and Libras desire peace and have a strong need to be with others, but they have very little else in common.

Giving her what she wants will only encourage her to ask for more.