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Intimidating sounding last names

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he is the worst math teacher I have ever had at CU.He is awful at teaching the material, hard to understand and doesn't care about his students.

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I found Linear Algebra to be interesting, but the class dreadfully boring.You may need to sit close to the board to readhear him tho I really appreciated Spina and don't know why so many people dislike him. If you do take the class don't by the textbook, it's online for free... Spina is by far the most useless professor I have never had. If you can teach yourself on your own, then Spina is ok.His exams and quizzes are directly from the homework, he explains things clearly, and he is helpful. He comes to lecture unprepared, he jumps around in his notes and rarely does all of the work, and it is intimidating to ask him questions since he refuses to answer ones he finds stupid. If you are like me and need a professor to actually teach you the material, AVOID SPINA AT ALL COSTS!At times he can be a bit difficult to understand, but he'll always clarify if you ask. He asks that you do his homework; you will succeed if you do it. An A isn't easy to get in his class, but I did.I worked hard, I sat in the front of class, I asked questions, and I studied for the final. Spina's bolo tie was about the most interesting thing found in class.This is the quality that reflects in the name Bhasmabhutah, which means ‘formed of bhasm or ashes’.[ Read: Mythological Names For Baby Boys ]God, however you perceive him to be, is the source of everything.

For many, Shiva is the ultimate source of life and is called Bhava too, which means ‘the source’.

Some call him Shiva or Bahubhutah, which means ‘one who has become many’. So, you want your baby to be strong, both physically and mentally? He also carries a ritual apron composed of human bones. Lord Shiva has an eye on his forehead, which is called ajna chakra or spiritual eye.

Name him Balavan, another name of Lord Shiva in hindi that means ‘strong’. The same eye can also emit flames and burn everything down to ashes.

Could barely word he said understand his quiet voice and accent all semester. Weird jokes that are actually pretty funny, but it doesn't help the fact I learned absolutely nothing from him.

Get ready to Khan Academy your way through this class.

He is unwilling to learn the names of the students in his 15 person class.