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Internet dating sad stories

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Understand this, the blog you’re reading isn’t so much full of sad stories, just stories that could be perceived as sad but but also be seen as humorous.

As for now, I plan on sharing with you a good amount of my stories that some people consider, “A touchy subject”.Thinking that it will get laughs and it often does, cause my life is actually really ridiculous.I feel like all our lives are quite ridiculous when we think about it.*Now warning to the reader, after this point realize that the decisions made by myself were made by 8 grade version of me.A boy new to love, new to dating, someone who had been bullied most of his life and he wants nothing more than to believe Alyssa Schnobski had meant what she said.Some might be sad, some might be funny, some might be both (mind blown right? So, I should say my name is Nicholas, Nick if you want to be casual, which we can be, it’s the internet anything is possible.

The reason this blog is called “Sad Life Stories” is because I often like to tell people the adventure that is my life.

Most people laugh when I tell them the story of getting lost in the woods, or my first date (foreshadowing) but one time I was telling someone these stories of my life and he stopped me and said “Nick, you’re not funny, all you do is tell Sad Life Stories.

So that’s where the title for this blog comes from.

What I didn’t know what was that Alyssa Schnobski was already dating Zach Zanghi (last name again) and he was this cool Italian guy who smoked.

Look I’m not saying I’m some Flash Thompson now, but I definitely use to be a bit of a ugly version of Harry Potter if you will. After this happened girls began to actually speak to me. It was about December of my 8 grade year when I heard about the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie was going to be released and I was ecstatic. I decided around to buy the tickets, just so that when Alyssa Schnobski eventually came we could just walk into the theater. I’ve already bought my ticket I’m not going to waste that money.

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