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Internet dating fraud

The first step has already been covered — online dating fraudsters will build a dating profile featuring a photo of a good looking person, not over the top gorgeous but believably attractive.

The first appeal for money is small and seems to come up organically in the conversation.Since it is now fairly common (and fairly acceptable) for people to fall in love with people they meet online, people are more vulnerable to confidence scams involving Internet dating.There’s a large number of people in the UK right now who are the targets of Internet dating scammers using dating sites to gain confidence and access to PIN numbers.Internet dating scams are as old as the Internet itself.Most people are familiar with Internet confidence scams that start out: “I am a Nigerian prince . .” and though most people recognize these “419 fraud” emails for what they are — identity thieves trying to get access to your bank account.Think of it like fishing — put the bait in the right spot and wait for a single bite.

When a potential fraud victim first responds to these letters, the fraudster himself will quickly establish a love bond.

Only when her family paid a ransom was the woman released.

This case was only notable because it was the first instance of a Westerner being kidnapped for the purpose of extortion via Internet dating scam.

SOCA reports that many UK victims have remortgaged their own homes in order to send money to their new lover, some people completely emptying their bank accounts in the pursuit of love..

High profile cases of Internet dating scams are making the news.

While on duty in West Africa, these SOCA officers have intercepted literally tens of thousands of these fraud letters coming from Africa and headed toward people both in the UK and in America.