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Inter racial dating ban

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They knew that every civilization in history that had used Negro slaves eventually succumbed to the corruption of interracial breeding, leading to the collapse of that society. They saw the hideous results of low-class White men mating with plantation negro females.

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Most states had Anti-Mtscegenation laws that tbrbade sexual relations between the races. They also recognized the inherent danger in the presence of a large Negro population in contact with Whites because it invariably leads to interracial sexual relations. They recognized the Negro African race to be an inferior race, child-like, capricious, impulsive and cruel, yet useful for manual labor under the constant direction of the White man. This was the real motivation behind the segregation laws which existed in the pre civil rights era South. Therefore, the founders of America passed laws forbidding White-Black marriage.What is behind this great wave of interracial breeding? Often they seek to mock society's norms or are in rebellion against their parents. The hair was kinky with all the typical Negro facial features. He then quietly went to work to trace his wife's ancestors.

Is it good for America, the White race or your children? 9) The Racial Throwback: This is when one parent in a mixed marriage suddenly learns that he or she has distant black ancestors. Shufeldt wrote: "A young American artisan of excellent racial background met a pretty girl in Virginia and in due course married her. After much trouble and expense, he finally ascertained that her great-grandmother was a Negro.

Some might ask: Why should the government ever have regulated the behavior of two consenting individuals?

This changed with Franklin Roosevelt and the onset of the Civil Rights era. From that time on, there has been an ever growing campaign in the popular culture to promote and expand this irreversible race-mixing -- Why?

This ban continued in the southern states until outlawed by a liberal Supreme Court on June 12, 1967.

The book, America's Greatest Problem, by the eminent Prof. Liberal ministers have had a very difficult time reconciling the Holy Bible with their crusade to promote inter-racial marriage.

The obvious implication here is that the White female who chooses a non-White mate drastically increases her chances of exposure to the dread HIV-AIDS plague and the hideous death that inevitably follows.