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Im 14 dating a 21 year old

My advice is to go see a counselor, school psychologist, about it.

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Set boundaries and keep in mind that it is illegal and he can be arrested as a sex offender.So, even though you don't want to hear this right now, please trust me, you will think much differently as you age.But what you are feeling and how you are thinking is exactly how a 14 year old would. He, on the other hand, might very well love you but his thinking is very abnormal to even try to continue this relationship.Your brain doesn't fully develop reasoning skills(thinking skills) until age 25.Obviously, some earlier and some later but right around 25. No judgments here, but 14 is pretty young to be committing to a relationship and he's risking jail in any state.

There is no way to keep a secret like this forever.

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Basically go with what imconfused said, n I guess my work here is done. but I just hope they dont take him away cuz I would be so upset if they did but he doesnt care the only thing he cares about is that I love him and he loves me to also that I will be there for him and everything. STAHP This is not normal you aren't legal and fully matured sexualy relationgs with someone that age may put you at risk of permanent damage to your body and metal health, please stay away from him its never going to last At age 14 you just know something will work but as you age, so does your brain and your reasoning skills.

-_- wow, I've never had someone say everything I was goin to say before I actually got a chance to on here. Right now your brain is not fully developed and that's why you want to protect him and find a way to do so, this way no one will find out.

But I've been wanting to know some ways how I could keep this a secret better with out getting caught, And there has been some sexual moments to in our relation ship. He probably has a harder time clicking with 21 year old girls, which may be part of the reason he's with you.