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Guide plus not updating

I used GOOGLE to find a connection for the words “GEMSTAR GUIDE PLUS“ and I found a link that said that the “analog system was being dropped for a digital system sometime” I believe it said! Search for the word “listings” and skip to the 3rd occurrence. Then you will leave your name, phone number, zip code and the time of day you can be reached.(good to have a swing shift, stay at home mom, etc.) I have had them correct Guide Plus transmission errors at least 3 times. The paragraph says that it will happen sometime in 2009 but there has to be a connection here. I have spent considerable time, as others of you, in attempting to locate the answer for this problem. This last one was due to a helicopter crashing into a station's tower 2 years ago. It may take a little time and some technical research on their part but if they can fix your problem, they will. As to the discontinuace of Guide Plus, from what I understand it is the "analog" type that will not be compatible with any of the all-digital programming required in a couple of years. I found the number on the web, by the way, about 4 years ago.

All three IPGs stopped receving their listings a couple of days ago.I'm glad to look into the problem and finding others witht he same issues before trying to completely reinstall.Btw, 8.8 was so much better...smaller recording window popup, less CPU and better performance...don't know why they degraded the product like this. Practically destroyed my computer trying to uninstall and reinstall ATI software. Think that possibly the service has been discontinued or the result of Gemstar's facility relocation.Is there a modified version of the software available to us? Roger 8/29/07 SORRY FOR THE PREVIOUS POST, THERE WAS A MISSING WORD IN IT... Everytime my power goes out, the tv erases my code for the cable box setup. I tried the 9990, and I still can't get my code to come back.I have just found out that the company may be at the heart of the problem here. I have never been able to code my system inside my rca tv since I have owned the tv and it don't even recognize my vcr because my vcr won't change from channel 2 to channel 9 during setup and therfore it just never gets set up so what do I do?My review of the Panasonic DMR-XW380 Freeview HD DVD recorder has just been published on Reg Hardware.

And, just as predictably, there have been quite a few comments already about one of the most noticeable aspects of Panasonic’s Freeview products – the Guide Plus EPG.

So, you pay a lot – £550 in the case of the recorder – and you still have to look at adverts when you see what’s on telly. Here’s their official line: As with all customer feedback, we take your listener’s views on board.

Panasonic, along with other leading consumer electronics manufacturers took the decision to implement the Guide Plus Programme guide on our range of TVs and recorders.

Charter Communications says they are not doing anything to block transmission of the channel lineup, but I am skeptical. I am in Connecticut and for the last month I cannot get a channel lineup.

I am wondering if anyone else in Onalaska, who has Charter cable and TVs/DVRs that use Guide Plus or TV Guide IPGs, are having problems receiving there channels listings. I've tried unplugging the tv, changing the zip to 99999 or 00000 to no avail.

As mentioned, we have taken your listener’s comments on board and as we value what our customers say, as part of our continuous product improvement we will look at illustrating the benefits of the EPG in our next publicity materials (catalogues, online tec.), as well as highlighting the advertising content more comprehensively in the instruction manuals.