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Garmin updating bluetooth firmware problem

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That's the difference between being rational and irrational.

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A refund is an entitlement under UK law, whether you wish to avail yourself of it or not. I had the same problems with my new 3760T and rang Garmin Tech Support. They said I could return it to them and it may take 10 days to replace or I could return it to Amazon, who replaced within 1 day. I have just spent over 3 hours trying to update the software and maps, again without success.So don't tell us to "calm down", this is a poor piece of untested software and procedure and it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I think you're the one that needs to take a chill pill!Perhaps you need to take your own advice and grow up! Yes I'm well aware of your entitlements as much as we are here in Australia as well but that doesn't mean you can't be reasonable and give everyone the second chance that everyone deserves.The unit is working an absolute treat for me and I'm impressed with its performance given this is my first ever GPS unit.Yes, I too paid the premium price and from what I can see, I have received a premium product.seems that when the 3760 is being ejected properly it isn't writing the files properly to the device..eject seems to stop this from happening.i figured out how to get the software update to 'stick'. " Obviously its going to have be turned on to follow up, but I wonder if there is a "safe" way to prevent the "inoperable" condition. Just a theory given that I only had it charging on a USB charger for only 20 minutes or so and noticed the battery was on about 33% capacity.

if you do the updater and then instead of doing a proper eject (safe), you simply pull the USB cable and then do a reboot of the device. Anyway, point being, persistence will get you there.

Can't say I'm too impressed, especially not for this money!!!

The instructions that come up on the Garmin update software don't match what happens either! That doesn't mean the product is by any means inferior nor the manufacturer support. :mad: Like I said before, it took me two shots before it finally acknowledged.

I don't give a hoot what your definition of reasonable is and with an expensive product like this will opt for the approach that suits ME!

That you resort to insulting people by suggesting they need to grow up just because YOU have decided that their actions don't accord with your view of life indicates the type of childish mentality that you accuse others of and that frankly I can't be bothered with.

A refund is an entitlement under UK law, whether you wish to avail yourself of it or not. By all means, if you choose to go that path, that's your prerogative but that doesn't mean you have been a reasonable consumer either.