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Expect dating recovering addict

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The use of Al-Anon, Al-Ateen or Adult children of alcoholics groups is highly recommended as well as individual and group therapy to address various psychological issues.With this approach, family members should not actively intervene to attempt to change the alcoholic's drinking.

Not every couple will or, for their own personal health should survive recovery. This could be a time of tremendous personal growth for all individuals involved or it could turn out to be a period of decline.It is this author's contention that the approach for the female partner is as important in examination as that of the alcoholic himself.As Carl Jung stated: Seldom or never does marriage develop into an individual relationship smoothly and without crisis.The focus of treatment for the recovering alcoholic is Alcoholics Anonymous, a long standing mutual-help organization whose purpose is to help the alcoholic sustain abstinence and in the process of working the 12 Steps, which are the core of the program, to experience personal and spiritual growth.It is a fellowship, that is, a "mutual association of persons on equal and friendly terms; a mutual sharing, as of experience, activity or interest"(Lowinsin et al, 1992).Family systems theory carries with it certain basic assumptions, the most basic of which is interdependence within the system.

Family members are seen to interact in predictable patterns.

Research also suggests that genetic markers may be associated with the varying types of the disorder and the severity of the disorder.

The markers that have had repeated studies implicating them are the A1 allele of the DRD2 gene and specific allele of the ALFH2 gene(Ketlenios,1998).

Group therapy is the necessary hub around which a person can heal their codependence (Lowinsin, Ruiz, Millman and Langrud, 1992).

A focus on reducing the alcoholic's drinking and working on the relationships is the primary goal of the family disease approach(O'farrell and Feehan,1999).

The Disease Models of Alcoholism and Codependence According to researchers O'Farrell and Feehan(1999), the family disease approach is the best known and most widely used form of treatment.