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The entire building will, however, be open for Inspection on the even- ing of the banquet. BROUGHER DECLINES ( ALL TO BAPTIST CHURCH III Health Hi, Only Reason CAM ME1 HOUSE DINNER OPENING WINCHESTER MEETS ARLING- TON TOMORROW Winchester Ili^h School will play its first football game in the Mystic Valley League series and incidentally will receive its first real test of the season tomorrow afternoon when its eleven will play Arlington High on Spy Pond athletic field at 3 o'clock. Arlington is out to avenge tlie drubbing received from Winches- ter a year ago whili the locals real- ize that they must huidle the Spy Ponders to remain in this season's hunt for the Mystic League cham- pionship.

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who has done so much for the Pi st this year, as our Commander. The way you have accepted my pro- gram and patiently waited for my cc tuing makes me feel deeply obligat- ed to return to you if I possibly could do so without acting contrary to God's will ami what seems best for the Kingdom of God. In the second [dace I have learned to love veu with all mv heart. Much of work has been done by our Custodians without tiny expense to the Post other than that of the ma- terial. Murphy 'himself up to the po- lice Tuesday afternoon and was ar- raigned on a technical charge of manslaughter with the additional charge of driving so as to endanger the lives of the public. An address The Christopher Columbus Mutual Aai Society of Winchester will ob- serve Columbus Day, Oct. It is planned to have the usual parade with till Society members in line. Inside we have installed a new bathroom, a new • as stove and hot water heater in the kitchen, completely redecorated the Adjutant's office upstairs and re- painted the floors and stairway. driver of the Ford sedan which caused 'he death of four- year-old Lawrence Mc Hugh of IS] Swanton street la-: Monday afternoon tts a result of strikint: the child on Swanton street near Chapin court, appeared in the District Court at Wo- uni yesterday morning. Three, Church, Fine conferences are planned j concerts will be civen this year, with I under capable leaders. Chicken pie supt*"r at •» .'" -h.,r|i Oct IS, Thursday, Regular meeting, My*- tic Valley Lodge of Mason* Masonic Apart- ment*.

ha- been' set aside for the ladies of the Club who wi uld like to bowl.

It has hen our purpose in arranging these oroirrani'-' to secure speakers and subjects which would he i f in- terest to men. 13, we had a Football night Prenitlenl Daniel West.

At each of the Post meetings dur- ing the year some entertainment which was i f a worth-while are' in- structive nature has been provided.

the month of October and then introduced Norman Bromfield Cawley of Lynnfield Center, the speaker of the evening. Then descending from the stage he passed among the men, stopping here and there to call attention to tin in- dividual with some peculiar personal traits, interspersing his remarks with ready wit and humor. Sylvester of Main street, local builder and realtor, has through his attorney tiled a writ of mandamus to the Supreme Court asking that the Town of Winchester be compelled to grant him a permit to erect three new houses and to remodel the pres- ent dwelling upon the so-called Gen- eral Corse property at the corner of Washington street and the Mystic Valley Parkway, (teen denied him by missioner who ha; the Town's Board According to Mr quired the Corse ANSI ER VL REPO OF WINCHE 97, A. i .e Meeting Parish Houftc Kniehanf upper at After- X'l T^on VI marked Oct. All the doctors seem unanimous and 1 can't seem to lind one who will say that it would be alright for me to have Southern California for the next two years. Con- House Cadman, WINCHESTER SALES wo for Will the a m ofltei !

Even after the meeting had broken up and many had engaged in billiards, pool and bowl- ing, 25 or 30 still lintrercd to be further enlightened in this interest- ing science and the hour was late be- fore the speaker left the club build- ing. this the official opening of Calumet for the season was one of the most interesting ever held. Carl Sittinger and the wives and daughters of the newly elected mem- bers are urged to come out to join with those of the older members. And they all say absolute- ly not to go into New England, In the first place, I feel greatly ob- ligated to you pi ople. ' FOUR WEDDINGS IN WINCHES- TER PAST WEEK-END owing marri- this week at Returns from the fol atres have been receive* the Town Clerk's office: Rocco Deteso and Ma-v Josephine Gigliotti, both of Winchester, were married on Oct.

I be- no previous commander • up of officers s their various pi der has o admirably isitions. Together we have con- sidered and decided many problems that have confronted the year.