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Dns slave server not updating

We never explained what the values between the parentheses were for.The serial number applies to all the data within the zone.

There is very little extra cost to saving a backup zone data file, but there is a very high cost if you get caught without a backup file when you need it most.The NS records don't tell us which server is the primary master for a zone and which servers are slaves -- they only say who the servers are.(Globally, DNS doesn't care; as far as the actual name resolution goes, slave servers are as good as primary master servers.) What's the difference between a primary master name server and a slave name server?We chose to start our serial number at 1, a logical place to start.But many people find it more useful to use the date in the serial number instead, like 1997102301.The polling interval is one of those numbers in the SOA record that we haven't explained yet.

(BIND Versions 8 and 9 support a mechanism to speed up the distribution of zone data, which we'll describe later.) A slave name server doesn't need to retrieve all its zone data over the network; the overhead files, directory /var/named primary db.primary 249.249.192.db.192.249.249 primary 253.253.192.db.192.253.253 primary 0.0.127.db.127.0.0 cache .

The slave will be unable to transfer the zone and therefore won't function as a name server for that zone until the master server is up.

With a backup copy, the slave has zone data, although it might be slightly out of date.

Reason: Administrator could not configure a slave DNS server as it cannot function properly unless SOA serial number is changed every time a DNS record is changed.

Result (if any): bind-dyndb-ldap plugin used to provision data from Identity Management DNS tree to the BIND Name Server updates DNS zone SOA serial number every time when the DNS zone or its record is modified, thus allowing Administrators to configure a slave DNS server for zones managed by Identity Management.

db.cachedirectory /var/named secondary bak.secondary bak.192.249.249 secondary bak.192.253.253 primary 0.0.127.db.127.0.0 cache .