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Showing an early aptitude for acting and performing, he dazzled his parents with a near-perfect Jim Carrey impersonation when he was six years old.Noticing their son’s natural talents, they eventually enrolled him in acting lessons at Atlanta’s Talent Factory, where he took part in a number of plays including After a few years of training, Wekheiser landed his professional role in a NBC commercial where he starred alongside Charles Barkley.

Two years after breaking out into the show business, Wekheiser received the big break that he’d been waiting for when he was cast as the main protagonist in the Nickelodeon sitcom, Extremely popular amongst tween viewers, the series was just what the actor had needed in order to propel himself into celebrity stardom.Raised around the area of Johns Creek, his parents first realized his acting potential when he performed a convincing impersonation of Jim Carrey at the age of six.Wanting to help hone his talents, they eventually enrolled him in acting lessons at the Talent Factoryーit was there that he participated in various plays such as .ultimately continued for three seasons (spanning over 50 episodes) prior to its end in June 2007.Following his time on the Nickelodeon sitcom, Werkheiser returned to the screens in the television film, Based on a set of books of the same name, it originally aired on June 9th, 2007 and was successful at attracting close to four million viewers during its debut.In the film, the actor played the part of Victor Knudsenーthe high school freshman, while actress Scout Taylor Compton portrayed the role of his on-screen love interest, Anya Benton; other cast members include Tania Verafield, Ken Luckey, Nichloas Braun, Adam J. In the series, Werkheister portrayed the part of Peter Parkesーa student who first appears during the second episode of the fourth season; he later goes on to appear in various other episodes throughout the season. Released in theatres in the United States that April, it depicted the story of a group of teens, who get more than what had bargained for after testing the local myth of an evil witch.

Filmed in the city of Detroit, it featured Werkheister as Max Reese, the movie’s main protagonist; aside from the actor, it also starred Justin Deeley and Nicole Forester.

Although was not released in theatres in the United States, it was shown in theatres in other countries around the world.

Later available on DVD in November 2010, the movie featured an opening song performed by Kimberly Cole and Sandy Simmons; the song played during the ending credits on the other hand, was none other than Werkheiser’s first single called, . Created by Patrick Sean Smith, it followed the lives of a group of students at the fictitious Cyprus Rhodes University in Ohio; the show’s main characters include Rusty Cartwright (played by Jacob Zachar), Casey Cartwright (played by Spencer Gramer), Cappie (played by Scott Michael Foster), Evan Chambers (played by Jake Mc Dorman), and various others.

Starring Werkheiser as Nick Bigby, the live-action sitcom centered around the teen as he offers viewers with advice on how to survive through middle school.

Upon its premiere on television, the series received a 4.5 rating and attracted over 914,000 young viewers.

Although it was panned by critics for “being too cliche”, it received a positive review from DVD Verdict.