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Dean cain and teri hatcher dating

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Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher had incredible chemistry throughout the whole series.Dean's portrayal of Clark/Superman is the best as far as I'm concerned.

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Lex Luthor is far more charismatic and he and Lois even have a fling.However, Perry and Jimmy are in usual form and Superman is ever the hero he's always been, fighting for truth, justice and the American way.Dean Cain made an excellent Clark, portraying the loyalty and strength of the character as well as his uncertainties over Lois and his path as Superman.I got back into watching this show when the DVD's were released.I had taped the show off cable years earlier so I've been able to reacquaint myself with the whole series.I would hate for others not to want to watch the series because they only think that the first two seasons are the only good ones.

True it does start to lose some spark in the middle of the 4th season but I think that was more the network's problem than anything else.

Unfortunately, and I guess everyone realizes it, during the third season the show started having some really weird plots with no such thing as coherence.

It was still fun but there was something lost along the way.

Nevertheless, it's still the best TV show I've ever seen.

The only that truly caught my eye from the very first moment.

To this day I'm still a fan and it's still magical for me to sit in front of the TV screen and watch another episode of this great show.