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David tennant dating georgia moffett

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The City and The City 2016 BBC2 - Southcliffe and Red Riding writer Tony Grisoni adapts China Mielville's novel for the small-screen.The fantasy drama focuses on the murder of a foreign student and a police investigation which leads the lead detective into some extremely strange places.

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2017 BBC1 - Adaptation of the three novels written by JK Rowling under the pseudonym of Robert Gailraith.Mc Crory plays Emma Blunt, a solicitor known for defending lost causes.She’s investigating the killing of a schoolgirl in East Anglia and trying to free the man she thinks was wrongly convicted of the girl’s murder.Armed police in armoured Land Rovers, British Army check points and “peace” walls are all an everyday reality for 16-year old Erin and her friends.Fearless 2017 ITV - Six-part drama from Homeland writer Patrick Harbinson and starring Peaky Blinders actress Helen Mc Crory.Broken BBC1 - Sean Bean stars in six-part series from Jimmy Mc Govern centring around a Liverpudlian Catholic priest and his congregation.

Anna Friel, Paula Malcolmson, Aisling Loftus and Adrian Dunbar are also among the ensemble cast.

Jack Whitehall, David Suchet, Eva Longoria and Douglas Hodge are set to star in the lead roles.

Set in Derry in the run-up to the ceasefire, this sitcom is billed as a warm, funny and honest look at the lives of ordinary people living under the spectre of the Troubles, all seen through the eyes of a local teenager.

Moving in with a ‘stranger off the internet’ she soon discovers she’s swapped her luxe old life (think: high quality condiments, plus a girlfriend who sorted all of the Life Admin) for a house-share with Gabe, a British guy who’s only ever other female ‘flat-mate’ was his mum.

Gabe doesn’t know any lesbians and Leila’s not got too much experience of hanging out with heterosexuals - their worlds collide in deeply awkward and revealing ways as he becomes her unlikely wingman and helps her to navigate her new life dating men.

Bancroft 2017 ITV Encore - Four-part drama from Kate Brooke that explores what happens when heinous crimes, long buried in the past, come back to haunt us.