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Show your special someone you're an independent person.

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Sure, it's nice to have someone handy around to help around the apartment or wash your car, but be careful that you're not sending out the wrong signals.It could well be that you date a guy who, it turns out, is already seeing someone (casually/on-off), and wonders if this will be a problem for you. Sure, the guy might offer to break it off with this other girl “if you want me to”, but the very fact that he’s into two or three girls at one time is a big fat dating red flag. Well, you’re freaking well sure it will be a problem! An excellent date will be as interested in you as you are in them. He’ll want you to do all the asking, and he’ll be enjoy giving out the answers. Sorry, but that’s the way these type of things usually go. Laziness We’re all inclined to a bit of laziness now and then, but if your date is the kind of slob who literally doesn’t seem to do anything except play on his video game in his slacks, you have to seriously wonder whether this guy has any kind of long-term plans.This is an indicator of self-obsession and should be avoided. With this one, there isn’t just one red flag – there are about 20 of ‘em. Addiction To Email If you’ve indulged in online dating and feel as though it’s time to meet this guy, you might be a little frustrated that he keeps on putting off that nervy first date. This is another one of clear dating red flags to avoid.On the other hand, assuming that they're not interested is also a quick way to dissolve a relationship before it begins.

The key that most women should follow is to trust their own intuition. They want someone who's confident and positive, so be sure to check yourself before you send out that text after the bars close. Instead, be grateful when your date goes out of their way to show you how much they care.

Read through the list below for more relationship advice for women and cast your votes for the best dating tips.

If you've just gotten out of a relationship and are starting to date again, it's tempting to only talk about the past and especially an old lover.

One of the biggest pitfalls of dating is being quick to make assumptions.

Assuming that you're exclusive can lead to hurt feelings.

They’re not ready yet, and getting with them will only end in disappointment when they get scared and randomly delete their profiles. Self-Doubt And Anxiety Another one of dating red flags to avoid is too much self-doubt and anxiety.