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Dating unicorn hunter define

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Well guys, forget your One Penis Policy (OPP) for a moment and think about it this way.

For many women, including those who are bisexual, the idea of joining an existing relationship that requires them to be involved with both partners is not completely attractive.Would we enjoy finding a woman who was able to enjoy relationships with us both and as a family?You bet, and we do keep our eyes open for just such a partner.Or what if your girl told you she was going to form a family with you and another guy, expected you two guys to have a loving physical relationship as well, that the guy would be living with you both, AND he would be the only additional partner added to your relationship so you weren't allowed to date other women. More often than not it is either the guy driving the restrictions, or the woman trying to make her guy happy. And again, I need a disclaimer so you know where I'm coming from. I am also open to finding another female partner and don't have much interest in finding a male partner. That extends beyond just supporting their relationship.My current partner is a female focused bisexual woman. Although I wouldn't expect to be physically involved with her male partner, I would welcome him to our family and would have no problem someday living under the same roof as a literal family.Because women willing to enter into these arrangements are hard to find they have become termed Unicorns, an impossible to find mythical creature.

In the interest of disclaimers I must admit up front that I have very little patience for Unicorn hunters.

We’re not interested in a fling but in growing a deeply emotional, closed triad with the right single bi woman.

She should be attractive, open minded and flexible” “Our pictures here are recent; we are attractive and have a youthful outlook on life. ) While we’re not obsessive, we do exercise regularly and generally try to take care of ourselves. Our family and friends are very vanilla so discretion is important to us.” “Please respond with recent pics. Please, absolutely no email from men or couples; we will not respond to them.” Dot and Jim seem like sincere, nice people but there are some things that they should know and discuss before embarking on the adventure of adding a bi woman to their relationship.

However, my SO and I know in our hearts that isn't the case.

That is supported by the fact we have both had independent relationships during our relationship together as well as the odd Unicorn.

They may believe that although it isn't being said directly, that my SO is Unicorn hunting.