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Dating selfish woman

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They are selfish and will do what they please, without thinking about your feelings. From my experience in the beginning they are fun and extremely loving, but eventually they will set you aside and look for more fun.

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We would talk for hours and laugh hard, but there are days and wheneva he is in a bad mood I condition myself accordingly.What is really funny though is the fact that he wants me to confess to loving him and I am not budging. I am a 35 yr old Pisces woman and I was dealing with a 35 yr old sag for the first time we met and instantaneously I was attracted to him .slepted together a week later and I kinda fell for him...He should show it and then only then, Maybe I will tell him how I feel. I'm relationship status and his love and sex separation annoys me ...I think my feelings are getting to me, his needs come before mine... To keep him be a Go Getter..not mention being together forever or he will run out the door...treat it casual but always be mysterious. I try to tell him about my day and he suddenly has to get off the phone. I always have to be the one to say I love you and I am at the point I just don't care anymore. We have been seeing each other for about 5 months now...Don't get me wrong he is very sweet, but I want a relationship and I don't think he wants that Now I'm starting to feel like all we really have is sex... I was instantly attracted to him, he is so sweet, and most of all he keeps it real with me and knows how to be a man...I just made the ultimate sacrafice in our relationship and he was ungrateful.

I left but I am crushed because I really loved him.

I want to be with him but I know this isn't going to work (tear) I am 21 (Pisces) and dating a 39 year old Sagittarius man. Sad to say, Sag males are selfish, and they think they are the best thing that ever happened to womankind. Sadly, I have accepted that if he doesn't know what he wants now, he will never know... Of course their have been days when I just want to give up and leave, but the feelings are to strong to let it go, im like a Sunday morning and he is like a Friday night, in many ways we are so different but together we are so right.

And it is true too that they are always looking for something better, funnier, prettier, smarter...will never quite measure up. I disagree with pal who say that the two signs cant work because I have proof that we do..all the haters can kick rocks!!

He is intelligent, good looking(and he knows it)and sooo much fun. I have left him alone and he has come back he can be quite blunt and have no filter over the things that he says which sometimes puts me in my feelings which I dont like the chemistry is there but I need more than that...

There has been so much Drama our friends say we act like an old married couple. he can be selfish he is very stays bound like how u look etc...

he was very stubborn, selfish and acted like a baby. he will call and tell me all about his day, inside to out and not have much time for the stories of my day at all...