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Dating portrait troll

I finally ended up with something that was good enough for the next step, the fine sculpting.I had a quite strong vision of how I wanted it to look and that always makes the work a lot easier.

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Like always I finished all the big shapes in the first levels before even starting to look at details.I was not trying too hard to create the perfect mesh from the beginning, it usually works out when you start to sculpt the shapes and see what kind of loop you need.After that, I began solving all the problems that I had created, adding and shifting loops to make the mesh as clean as necessary.Two tools that really help you give the wrinkles a right feel is the pinch and bulge tool.When I considered myself finished with the sculpt I extracted a 32 bit map for the displacement.Like many other things I don't know if it’s the right way to do it, but it works for me.

The Tories' attempt to build a classless image has hit another obstacle as Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, like his leader David Cameron, was "outed" as a member of the hellraising Bullingdon club at Oxford University.

After leaving university he worked for two years as a freelance journalist before landing a job at the Conservative Research Department.

He lives in a £1million house in Notting Hill with his novelist wife Frances.

For a while now I have been doing illustrations for a sort of Swedish version of dungeons and dragons, called "Drakar och Demoner Trudvang".

A game much more influenced by Nordic folklore and fairy tales.

One of the big differences from other fantasy worlds is that this one doesn't have the classic orc, instead there is numbers of strange and fun troll species.