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Dating jordanian men

We have been seeing each other for approximately five months.Over the course of this relationship, I have spent a lot of time going out with him and getting to know a few of his cousins and his brother.

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If he were to decide he wanted to move forward in a relationship with you, it would take a lot of work on his part to convince his family and help you learn as much as possible about the culture and get to know his family.I think it makes sense for you to continue to be friends with this guy, but also to keep your options open.It doesn't hurt to simply decide for yourself not to date anyone while he's away, since you feel very strongly that he's the one for you; but, if he returns from jail and still stalls on this relationship, that would be the time to move on.Education/Credentials I have an MA in Christian-Muslim relations; and I am now continuing my studies at Chicago Theological Seminary (I also have a BA in Religion concentrating in global service, from Wartburg College, (Jail has a way of helping people make major life decisions--such as whether to end or solidify relationships. peace, Le Anne I can answer questions on Arab culture, including differences in cultures among Arab countries and sub-groups.

I can also answer questions on Christian-Muslim relations, interfaith issues in general, and human rights and peacemaking issues in the Middle East.

My situation gets a little more difficult, as I am preparing for his departure to serve out a sentence in jail for a minor offense.

I found out within the last few days that he has told his mother about me..rather that I am his friend, and we spend time a lot of time together.

I've asked his cousin to help me to understand where this relationship may go, and he has explained that because I am not Arabic, my boyfriend will never marry me.

I've breifly touched on this topic with my boyfriend, but I don't want to push the issue.

This cousin has since been engaged to an Arabic woman and a member of his extended family, but has had to call off his plans for marriage because his immediate family does not approve of her.