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Dating ibanez bass

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Of course if the signature turns out to be fake it even more substantially hurts the instrument's value.A celebrity signing a vintage instrument hurts the value of a vintage instrument as a general rule. Would an authentic 1968 Gibson flattop signed by either Elvis or John Lennon be worth more or less than an unsigned one? However, I've seen a few basses signed by little known and sometimes unidentifiable people which is a huge value mark off.

Whether or not authentication adds enough value to cover the cost of the authentication depends on the collectability of the artist's signature.Check out our free price guide for thousands of instruments. We base our price estimates on real world transactions and record them in our entries so you can see what your instrument has sold for in the past. A letter from the original owner detailing the chain of ownership is also important and it should be notarized.Defacing a vintage instrument is never a good idea, as even an authentic signature will usually hurt the collector value.I call the sale price "actual final value." This actual final value percentage fluctuates based on several factors including location, the state of the vintage instrument market and the overall state of the economy.

At this update in the 1st quarter of 2011 the vintage guitar market is rebounding dramatically.

People fearful of losing their jobs are not apt to buy $8,000 vintage 1954 P-Bass.

The past two years has been a better time to buy a vintage instrument than to sell one as prices have been depressed and buyers few. The fact that the actual final values on vintage bass transactions are rising is a sure sign that the recession is either ending or in fact is already over.

Many times I see vintage basses on e Bay for sale with incorrect color names or other obvious errors and an appraisal would have prevented the seller from looking like an idiot.

Instruments almost never actually sell at full appraisal value, but instead usually sell for a majority percentage of the appraisal value.

For example any Fender Candy Apple Red instrument is 1963 or later.