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Dating gta san andreas prostitutes

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Each girl becomes available as you progress through the game but not all of them are aquired through missions.

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After you do this, she becomes your girlfriend whether you like it or not.And when you killed Helena, Michelle, Katie or Barbara by accident or if one of these ladies have dumped CJ than they can be found at their meeting point, but only if CJ owns all 50 oysters.To bad this benefit doesn't count for the girlfriends Denise and Millie because they don't have a standard meeting point, for that matter CJ meets them in a mission.This is CJ's first girlfriend, but not the last.You can date up to 6 girls in total all at the same time, if you want.You can choose between a bar, a diner, a restaurant or a fast-food restaurant.

Most of the girlfriends don't like the last mentioned.

When you go inside the establishment, you'll see a short cut scene.

Now you'll know if your girlfriend has a nice time or not depending on the music and her attitude.

Your girlfriend wants to drive around, of course in her favourite neighbourhood.

The speed is different, some of them want to drive very fast and reckless, others wants to drive leisurely.

When you do this the right way for a few dates, CJ will dance differently, namely he will move much more.